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You Date, get Engaged, and then Marriage, right? That’s what society says you should do. But it doesn’t SHOW or TELL you how to actually get there. 

Feel like you have a terrible dating history?

Are you engaged but still don’t feel like you know your partner? 

Hesitant about marriage?

Are you married and feeling a loss of connection with your partner?

Don’t wait until it gets to the very worst of your relationship before you ask for help. Why not go into each of these relationships with the tips and tools necessary for a strong marriage?

Learn what it means to date in this day and age and find out how to use what you learn to support your search for a loving and forever partner. 

My *HAVE KEMISTRY* courses will help guide and prepare you for some of the biggest changes in your life. 

Single or married, these courses are for those who are looking for more knowledge, more support, and more success in their relationships. 


Real People with Real Experiences

"Karina is a very easy choice as my counsellor because of two main reasons. First, she is extremely comfortable to talk to, she listens, she understands and she is able to calmly discuss personal matters within her soothing and relaxing officeenvironment. I feel I can really open up to her and myself, while feeling safe. Secondly, my sessions with Karina are alwaysstimulating and educational. I am growing with gratitude every time I use the amazing tools she teaches me live a better life, to find peace and joy in my relationship with myself and others."

– L.K.

"First thing, Karina gives you a safe space to talk, share and open up. That is important. She may not tell you everything you want to hear, but she will tell you things you need. Then she will help you understand the difference. Her own experiences help provide a perspective that is much more down to earth and a feeling of understanding rather than simply an academic analysis."

– A.

"Karina has a great approach to therapy. She is a good listener and really strives to understand what I am feeling and thinking. She is passionate about helping others. She has a great energy about her and I feel very confident in knowing she is there for me and willing to help me in whatever capacity she can. " put a testimonial from one of Karina's clients. Here is where we can put a testimonial from one of Karina's clients"

– K.L.